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Gurps Autoduel really was made of Win. It was, however, *incredibly* lethal. We wound up playing Car Wars for the Car portion of the campaign and Hero System for the outside of the car type adventures. And as for RPG's, we've been playing Deadlands D20 system for the last year and with the exception of minimal play testing and not a lot material for higher level characters (which has posed little problem), it's loads of fun. Steam Punk Mad Science meets Zombies, Wendigos and gunslingers. And hey- we've got room for another player if you can do once every two weeks on Sunday. We lost one of our players to Dungeonmaster (shakes fist at Coleman!) and another to Northern Faire. Then again, it *is* Reseda. The next campaign is Star Wars, Saga Edition.
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It is every bit as awesome as one would think it is going to be, (and a little bit more- because Joss is just that much better than we are). My house was actually used as Doctor Horrible's Lair. *Another* TV show redid it (Monster House) as a Mad Scientist's Lair and in a strange bit of coincidence / luck, one of my friends was the AD on Dr. Horrible. When they were brainstorming on how they were going to create an evil villain's lair on no budget, he had the pleasure of saying "Well, I know a guy..." They didn't believe him until they saw the pictures. To answer the question everyone asks, yes. It always looks like that. Just not lit quite as well. I had the rather unique and enjoyable experience of watching them work and film all of the Lair sequences in my living room. I wrote briefly about the experience here (Don't worry, spoiler free). But it was pretty awesome. I get to say "Hey! I can see my house from here!..." ;) To paraphrase an old SNL Sketch, "Television has been bery bery good to me..."
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According to the engineer on the ground- the explosion was from 2200 pounds of Propane and 80 (or 800, it was loud and I was wearing high-noise headphones) pounds of accelerant. And they used less than they planned. And they already moved the perimeter back to 700 feet from 500 feet the night before. Breathtaking...
Thank YOU H-Bomb for Pizza, Bacon, Exploding Unicorns, Brownies, and all kinds of insane fun between the hours of 2am and Fuck It's Early... :)
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It's bad enough in Northridge. the weather channel says gusts of wind up to 45mph, slightly higher in the canyons. Riiight. I lived in LC for two years- good luck with that. (I swear I was blown over while riding my bike up Briggs at least twice...) ;)
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