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Yeah, apparently tonights Matt Stevens gig was cancelled unfortunately since I was upset to have missed him at jazz fest (it definitely was on the Rochester FnW schedule though). And you are correct on the Syracuse for Hunter. Sorry about that! I'll go back into hiding now... Keep up the good work.
Missing XRIJF alum Matthew Stevens @ Funk n Waffles this Sunday night. Also a few to add to the heads up section perhaps: John McLaughlin @ UB Center for the Arts on 11/1 and a few more returnees from this years fest... Charlie Hunter @ Funk n Waffles on 11/4 Dakha Brakha @ Kilbourn Hall on 11/20 Bill Frisell and Thomas Morgan at Albright Knox on 12/2
Unfortunately that Glasper show was cancelled due to lack of ticket sales. Talk about xrijf sucking the jazz out of the area...
Here's one for your heads up section, Bill Frisell at Water Street 3/24. A ways off but definitely not too early to look forward to.
In a fan email a few weeks ago they listed the Rochester show as being a full performance of the Race Riot Suite.
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Jun 23, 2012