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You're absolutely right about not trying the cheese alternatives right away. I tried the Daiya shredded cheddar cheese on nachos and thought it was gross, at first. Now I've been a little over 9 months vegan and I think it's fantastic. Go figure. It's true that your taste buds seem to change or adapt or something. I find so many foods have more flavour than I remember them having before. My absolute favorite non-dairy cheese is the Daiya havarti-style wedge as well as their shredded cheeses for grilled sandwiches. Mmmmm. For salads and stirfrys, I really like using the nutritional yeast as a parmesan substitute, and I also add it to all kinds of dishes indiscriminately, it just adds a great flavour! I'm hoping to try making some nut cheese in the upcoming cold months, fingers crossed! In the end, though, it all comes down to a cruelty-free life. I didn't think I could give up cheese and I had a round of brie in my fridge for months that I thought I'd eat when I 'broke down' and really needed a cheese fix. I never got there! I ended up throwing it out just last week when I rediscovered it at the back of my fridge. There simply was no justification for the cruelty involved in providing my taste buds with a brief burst of flavour.
I cannot wait to go grocery shopping so I can try this out! Yum!
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Jul 27, 2012