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this cooment might be coming up late but i will not rest without making this comment.the writter of this article took side at first instance when he/she said ,some of Fru Ndi's enemies wanted him arrested.i wish to say this allibie is faulty.the call for the arrest of Fru Ndi was based on the confession of colonel Ngafor(if not mistaken) who says he was ordered by party hierachy.who do you think should have been called to book at this instance?"on he that wears the crown".why is there this fear within the Sdf party circle if they are sure NJFN never was involved?why are they now than ever asking for the release of thier detained militants at the kondengui prison?alot of question just keep harboring to say NJFN and co will get their share when the eyes of the blind finally get might fool the people all the time but you can't fool all the people all the time. can NJFN actually account for the statement in a leter he wrote to the SDO OF Foundi in Yaounde prio to the Yaounde convention that the sdo will be held responsible for what ever thing that happens at he premise?how did he knew something was to happened?the court of foundi had already in a case filled by Ngwasiri gave the power as provided by THE CONSTITUTION to the advisory council to organise covention meetrings and election and not NEC in respect to the constitution,why did NJFN continued to organise a convention in Bamenda when he had no constitutional right even now to organise meetings of such magnitutde? yet we will all close our eyes to these facts and pretend NJFN is the ALPHA AND OMEGA.the SDF should thus abandon the move to the unity Palace and focus to the struggle of the southern cameroon crisis.
well dear friends and fellow southern cameroons compatritoits. i wish to call our attention on the need to be united in purpose and action for when it dawn,it dawns on us all,no matter your suport for FRU NDI OR THE SCNC LEADERSHIP. The case here is the southern cameroons problem and the course for freedom,we talk about Fru Ndi and co politiking and all why not, i wish to ask reader,rexson and the rest,is that the truest couse to the course of freedom?does that not only go a long way to creating a platfform for provoked backstabing and division amongst southern cameroonians?a perfect plan for the divide and rule syndrome.the mafiasco of LA Republic Fanned by the present SDF leadership to an extend an supported by the blind followers who adhere to the Fru Ndi's religion of i am the best. what democracy in the world provide for a leader in a political party or any social group to be at the helm of leadership for too long?what makes Fru Ndi better than Biya? we should therefore forget about the Fru Ndi delima and the SCNC leadership crisis and put the case of the southern cameroons on the table.develop a perfect liberation plan for southern cameroon and invite all concern parties to put their support to such a plan,then we will not be talking here of a race to the Unity Palce but to the freedom of southern cameroonians from the captivity of La Republic Du cameroon. lets listern to Radio free southern cameroons and take the oath of liberation.My dear brothers from England Vally,reader and co,the time has come ,do it now or never.if you are ready then repeat this oath and swear to jion the struggle in full honesty ok?"The southern cameroons must win this war. I will work,i will serve, i will sacrifice,i will endure,i will fight cheerfuly,,and do my utmost even unto death,as if the issue of the whole struggle depended upon me help me GOD" That is the southern cameroons youth league(SCYL) liberation oath. so stop the fighting with words and join the war brothers; then we shall succeed. I hope it made some sense to you all. CTN HOUSTON TX USA.