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Lillian Newman
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marta what is the bake temp on the flan de reina? I could not find it on the recipe. thanks! :)
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I was also disowned. For many years it upset me greatly but in the more recent years I have decided this. You cannot direct the wind. You can adjust your sails. I cannot tell my sisters to accept me or not. That is their choice. What is important is that I know that their choice to not accept me, if indeed that is what they choose, is their problem, not mine. I continue my life by forming relationships with my immediate family and keeping in touch with cousins. If either of my sisters wanted to come into my life more than they have, the door would be open to them. Because I cannot control them, I learn to not take offense at their actions. Following 12 step, I can only be responsible for my own actions. I know that I am a good person and I know that I am lovable. Their octracization of me doesn't say anything about me, but more about them and it's really none of my business anyway. I do not and I choose not to control their feelings. I'll be my own sister and a pretty darn good one at that...
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Mar 16, 2010