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Lilli Haicken
Middle Aged and Still Learning
Interests: books, owls, sci-fi, history, economics, sociology, indigenous cultures, education,
Recent Activity
The GOP has long been ripe for a brandjack from within. Continue reading
Posted Sep 28, 2015 at Brandjack News
By Lilli Haicken The fridge began to die. At 25 years old it definitely was on our radar as 'will need replacing'. But it stopped keeping things evenly cold all the time, so, off we went. Our immediate thought was 'go to Sears'. Sears has been one of the top... Continue reading
Posted Sep 24, 2015 at Brandjack News
The United Nations needs a rebrand apparently. The 70 year old international institution, from its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland (pictured above), has announced a campaign to work on changing public perceptions of the work that its programs do in the world. Oh the opportunities presented! What public relations person with... Continue reading
Posted May 8, 2015 at Brandjack News
Corinthian Colleges are closing their doors come next Monday. After years of federal investigations into its loan practices, the college is forced to admit that it bilked thousands of hopeful students, the government and various other institutions in order to line the pockets of the organization's owners. With the pressure... Continue reading
Posted Apr 27, 2015 at Brandjack News
by Lilli Haicken Hillary made her Big Announcement. And unveiled her new logo. And the internet reacted immediately with a lot of negativity, sarcasm and outright hatred. Has her brand been jacked already? I'm leaning towards a yes on this one. She's got a lot of baggage to deal with:... Continue reading
Posted Apr 13, 2015 at Brandjack News
by Lilli Haicken If one keeps up with the news or other media about happenings in the world or with your favorite celebrity one can always find a crisis of some sort. It may be happening in your backyard or half a world away. What differentiates each happening is whether... Continue reading
Posted Mar 31, 2015 at Brandjack News
by Lilli Haicken Every time I think I have a handle on what brands can do to get on top of problems out there on the web, another genius comes up with something new. This time its a web extension - [dot]SUCKS - which is supposed to help foster brand... Continue reading
Posted Mar 20, 2015 at Brandjack News
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Mar 8, 2015