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No Andrew,it's not just you. I discovered that if my morning and evening ritual of checking is delayed by more than one day, I get quite annoyed at anyone or thing distracting me until I'm done catching up. And some days missing a day has a large recovery time. Addicted covers it I believe :-) As I started my search for truth here and the discussion afterwords was just as interesting as the article, I presumed other published information and their resulting discussions should be that way too. Shock, anger, and huge fear for mother earth is the result of that learning experience. So Neven, thank you from the bottom of my addicted to truth heart. Never feel bad about saving us all from those idiots. The only thing to change their mind is, as someone mentioned here yrs ago, the insurance Co. And my renewal info says they are definitely not wanting to pay for our stupidity. ( collective mankind)
A very good answer, thank you all very much. Well not so much Neven, who sent this old gal to bed last nite with a worried brain, with his terrifyingly vague "we don't know" hahahaha Lodger, I'm actually on an island on the west coast of BC in the temperate coastal rain forest, what's left of it! What Robertscribbler mentioned about big warm storms, that has already started. Our November pineapple express can really get rocking these days. But other than that it seems to be getting warmer and drier here, like the BC interior you mentioned Lodger. Our valley lakes no longer freeze in the winter, and we get little snow. I want to feel sorry for the interior forestry industry but they were told about the beetles in the 80's and did nothing for 20 years. Hoping the weather would get cold again and freeze the larvae, but that didn't and isn't happening. Their solution is to panic cut the whole thing down as soon as an infestation shows itself (2 yrs too late) They are trying to replant but my guess is they must concede to the climate changes and change their plan. Presently the number of vineyards in the valley's are growing rapidly. And a thriving fruit and vegetable market exists there. I believe they are trying that same thing here since we seem to be getting more sun and a longer growing season. The reason for my concern is lack of knowledge about what's really going to happen. The predictions for northern, central and eastern Canada have been frequently mentioned and so far, seem to be following what Dr Jennifer and others are expecting. But I just can't find anything in the way of predictions for us. Well other than our version of the 9.0 earthquake we are over due for. It took the Japan earth quake to wake the west coast up as to how bad it can get. If you all keep posting those great arctic ice breakup, that might work, at least to get the public's attention. Thanks again for your very informative blog. Scary or not I'd rather we hear the truth.
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I am, I think your common follower, trying to learn enough to convince those around me this is real and that it matters. At best I am ignored when I try to talk about this topic. And though the sequences of arctic ice break up got their attention, my inability to describe what this meant to them, quickly loses it. Very much appreciate Lodger's Apr 16th 11 point consequences of Arctic Sea Ice loss and I have a question with regards to point 3: Dr Jennifer's stagnating polar jet stream idea. I live on Canada's west coast (NE Pacific) and know we are very much affected by the whims of the jet stream and the huge storms they bring. Not a bad thing in the rain forest but we got only 1/2 our expected rainfall this winter. So when the arctic warms enough to weaken or extinguish (can that happen?) the jet stream, how will the weather systems move into the northern hemisphere in the summer and fall? And what about when the ocean is so warm up there in total darkness that the ice never freezes , will there still be a jet stream? Dr Jennifer says "If it's rainy where you are, it'll probably get rainier" But how will this happen if there's no jet stream to move the systems? If these are not to dumb for questions, could someone help us out? Thanks for this blog, it's the only ammo I have. Linda quiet voice in redneck logging town
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Thanks crandles for your info. I agree completely with Paul but think that ANTHROPOGENECENE sounds scarier and we need scary right now.
Toggle Commented Jan 29, 2013 on 2013 Open thread #1 at Arctic Sea Ice
Anthropogenecene, the new age started by humans
Toggle Commented Jan 29, 2013 on Slogan contest at Arctic Sea Ice
I have been following your amazing blog for quite some time now, when I found it linked on my favorite weather page And after thinking it over, I believe it's time we named this new age we have created. I propose ANTHROPOGENCENE or ANTHROPOGENECENE depending on which is more grammatically correct. I prefer the 2nd if pushed for a choice. I have been considering when this new age started and I believe phase 1 was since the industrial age started, and the 2nd phase started when the Co2 spike began it's steady rise and the ice it's death spiral.
Toggle Commented Jan 29, 2013 on 2013 Open thread #1 at Arctic Sea Ice
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