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Wider concepts of space and place may offer a clue to understanding ‘the divide’. This post refers to two distinct spatial concepts: Transport planning generally refers to vectors and universal processes, without differentiating between places; Place-making often looks at areas as if they are isolated points, in both time and space. Geographer Doreen Massey writes about a third view of space – where place is a group of processes (human, mechanical, ecological, and geological ‘flows’) in a particular space and time. This conceptualisation of place is specific, connected and dynamic, rather than being either static or meaningless. Each place has a unique mix of things going on, links to lots of other places through these processes, and place identity changes subtly through out time (or drastically - eg Christchurch EQ). Worth thinking about, I think, if you feel that travel is an inherent part of being in a city - the place you live in. In terms of unity - there is continuity of the journey to think about. Pedestrians (urban design) and transit users (transport planning) are joined at the hip. They both take part in longer multimodal journeys, and they even have similar shopping habits. (See Sustrans study
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Sep 19, 2012