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Even though I know that humor is your intention in this blog post, as a public service announcement I feel compelled to raise a serious point about an apparent love/hate relationship with a food (namely Crappy Boy's professed hatred for pizza, which you know he loves). I myself have a love/hate relationship with many foods, which became less confusing after my MD alerted me to a book by Doris Rapp, MD: /Is This Your Child?/ The book talks about food sensitivities. Typically the culprits are not "food allergies" -- which IgE skin prick tests diagnose and which can cause anaphylatic reactions -- but something else probably involving other of the immune globulins, such as IgG. The stakes are higher than mood swings; Rapp's book, and that of William Shaw, PhD, explained my experience several years earlier, in which I began /at age 25/ to have girlfriends, within a month of beginning a food-rotation diet.
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Jan 29, 2012