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Well, this is a great perpective from the PR/crisis-control perspective and how the simple rules of being authentic, being honest, and telling YOUR story instead of letting the press tell it for you. It's ALWAYS lots worse when you wait for the "press" to unveil the story and it ALWAYS makes you look like a guilty schmuck for being too much of a chicken to take a stance before all hell breaks loose. With this story the consequences of a lost reputation are yet to be revealed. Perhaps a great coach goes quietly into the night. In my eyes, he will always be of the same criminal sleaze ball ilk of the rapist himself. And, probably the worst price of all - he's the one who has to look himself in the mirror every day. I won't give him a second thought. As for the protests and riots with the students - some things are for me to never understand and this is certainly one of those.
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Aug 17, 2011