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The issue this paper addresses is a delicate one—it reminded me of the account mentioned in class about Alaska. Fisherman in one community went as far as murdering their neighbors to ensure catches because of the rigid one-day fishing restriction. Though the effects/consequences of regulating fisheries in parts of Tanzania did not result in actions as severe as murder and sabotage (as far as we know, at least), the livelihood of the fishermen was evidently affected by the new regulations. When fishing is a person’s career and vehicle by which he/she feeds himself/herself/family, I’m sure it’s very challenging for fishermen to comprehend how protecting the lives of fish takes “precedence” over their lives. I appreciate Ale’s comments. Learning the needs of locals and empathizing with the is crucial. Though as humans we can empathize with each other, we can never understand what it means to live in another’s shoes. Although MPA management is commendable and their desire to promote practicality in the fishing industry is well intentioned, changing the mentality of (generations of) fishermen merits even more care than their already careful endeavors.
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Feb 11, 2015