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Linda Hargrove
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Hi, Dee. Well-said, black woman. I was going to leave a comment on Facebook but I figured I'd better leave it here at the source instead. I feel like I (and my two contemporary fiction titles peopled with lots of black characters) have been stuck in the projects for a while. I also feel that there's no getting out until we ALL get out, with renewed minds, spirits, and hearts, and start talking face-to-face about the problem. (whether we all think it's a problem or not) Most people that frequent TMA (imho) will read your post and say 'no she didn't' and just chalk it up as another 'black' rant. Instead of seeing it as a plea from God's heart (which is what it is). This reaches beyond fiction, beyond nonfiction (or at least should). It should reach to the way we worship in church, in our homes, with our iPods, with our children etc. etc. Hey, but don't get me started here. I might start preaching my woman at the well message. So, I'm stuck in the book ghetto, feeling only marginally interested in writing my third novel which will have stronger themes of biblical racial reconciliation than the first two, which were only marginally marketed to blacks and deemed too black for whites. Fast and pray.
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Jan 11, 2010