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Linda Lowenthal
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When I started at the magazine I work at now, the first issue I worked on had a column by a science fiction writer who is well known but not to me. His first name was spelled wrong on the cover. At my last job, in a review of a book with a subtitle something like "The Court of the Red Tsar," in the little box showing the title it got changed SOMEHOW--spell check??--to "Court of the Red Tiger." I suppose if one had no idea what the book was about, it could seem like a poetic reference to something or other, and no one noticed. At the job before that, there was once a headline that said something was "under siege," and for some reason someone in the art department retyped it--as "under seige"--instead of copying and pasting, and the brilliant but dyslexic news editor approved it, and the whole copydesk never thought to check it again because it had been fine last time we looked. I wish those were my only confessions but they are not.
Sample responses I have received: 1. "Oh, really? WHAT IS THE DEAL with en dashes?" 2. "Oh, my wife works for the Garnet Hill catalogue, so I know all about copywriting." I guess (1) was slightly less painful.
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Nov 3, 2010