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Clermont, GA, USA
Faithful follower of Jesus Christ, a citizen warrior against Islam, planning to survive the coming End Times.
Interests: End time prophecy, conservative politics, guitar, music, computers, survivor mentality,
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Alice, Here is the link for the actual document download. i could not find a date on it, but the hosting site posted it in January 2009 so its not a new document. All the news reports have sensationalized the content. The parent site is: This document was added in March 2012 as a "revived" message. I am concerned about the content of the hundreds of reposts of this information because the 23 page document does NOT contain these quotes attributed to al-Mohammedi. Whenever it says "said" it implies he either spoke it in an interview or this is straight out of the booklet. I am anti-Islam 100% but this makes us look ridiculous if we embellish Islamic writings to sensationalize and capitalize on others fears. The document is mainly a call to a deeper commitment in every way to Islam and a global caliphate. And yes, inherent in that definition is the removal of ALL religions except Islam. This document is helpful in revealing exactly what they think and are planning, but to create quotes which do not exist to stir up people is simply ignorant and flagrant violation of the idea of free speech. If al-Mohemmdi actually said these quotes, a better source should exist for them and i would LOVE to read more of what he "says." I admit to only a fast read, but a search for words in his quotes yielded NO Matches.
Another example of stealth jihad against our civilization. they are not here to be under any government's rules or order; they answer only to Islam and Sharia law. But they don't say that up front. they use "taquiyya" tactics, which is lying to further Islam, by claiming to be peaceful and we need to be tolerant of them. Islam doesn't tolerate anything BUT Islam. After we allow them in, their numbers grow (primarily black men from prison) and when they have sufficient strength, start throwing their weight around. You ain't seen nothing yet. We should close every mosque, outlaw Islam as the totalitarian ideo-political nightmare, remove its designation as a religion and prevent any treasonous words from the Saudi Wahabbism evil. Every time we fill up our gas tanks, we're helping slit our own throats. But our Gov. is in bed with them and won't drill for our own oil.
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