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Well, as a PR person, I admit I am a bit freaked out. The reason is that many clients rely solely on press releases as their strategy, when it's most effective to combine relationship-building with all of the PR tools available in our arsenal. SEO tactics are absolutely critical, of course. But if that's all a company relies on, they will get one-way publicity, not two-way PR, no matter how "social" they they they are being. BP is learning the difference the hard way between publicity and PR (relationships).
Toggle Commented Jun 3, 2010 on How to freak out your PR team at Launch Clinic
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The weather folks here in Arizona ESPECIALLY love to post video clips of the terrible storms back east. But that doesn't mean we Arizonans are laughing at your expense - most of us moved here from snowy states, so we feel your pain. And Sam, I think it was the Blizzard of '78, not '76 - and that was a doozy.