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Here's a tip I learned from a friend who toured Russia and couldn't figure out how the locals could figure out he was American (he didn't speak, he wore European clothing, and European shoes). He finally asked someone what gave him away. The answer? The way he walked! Americans have a much more open walk than others, apparently - so "keep your hands inside the vehicle at all times."
Very cool, and I'm envious. The only thing I can throw is a fit!
Toggle Commented Jul 14, 2010 on A different type of pitch for this PR guy at RepMan
Brilliant post, Steve, and right on the money. As much as people lauded President Reagan during his tenure, from what I've been reading there were problems early on due to age. It's sad, yet a fact of life. I'm wondering now when my filter will be gone - maybe it already left!
Toggle Commented Jun 11, 2010 on 89, and it’s not so fine at RepMan
I think I was happier when I was younger and more ignorant - the old 'ignorance is bliss' thing. The perfect age to be, I've decided, is 28.
Wish I could have attended the Counselor's Academy this year. The session sounds spectacular. I also believe the training is invaluable. If you can think on your feet like that, you can handle anything a client throws your way. Kudos to you for getting up at that ungodly hour!
I'm with Lauren on this one - I think Jayz and Beyonce would give a good performance. I felt the Who came across as tired and lackluster, but realized it's because I'm used to seeing "spectacles" like Lady Gaga. Interestingly, my older Woodstock-era brothers were pleased to see the Who still going. I walked away from the TV after the first minute - found the perf. boring.
Toggle Commented Feb 12, 2010 on The Who should know when to say when at RepMan
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Feb 12, 2010