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Congrats on your success. Mice are Nice.
Hey Jacquie! I ADORE this blog post. Your new Halloween items are just home runs...every one of them. You are such a terrific designer. Now about your daughter...been there...STILL doing it. My daughter went to prep school and college within an hour of our home. Then did Teach for America in NC and then lived in Brooklyn, married and now lives on the opposite coast with my two adorable granddaughters, Piper and Nattie. I long for her EVERY darn day...still. So it just doesn't get easier...but you know what? She married her Prince, she is a great Mom, and I've sent my guardian angel to watch over her. Seemed like the best plan.
What an amazing journey and how lucky these two are to have this experience together. Not many father/daughter combos could do this. God Bless them both.
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A Whale of a Tail. Love the smile. He is so Prim worthy.
Cement Shoe My Foot! You have so much going right now. Love the Vintage look of those hearts...and the site of your friend. LOVE her whimsicality. Love the word in her hair..noticed EVERYthing. LOVE your blog.
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Wonderful pictures and that bike sure looks comfy. Guys and their toys! You sure perked up my weekend - vicariously of course...
Wow! You so know how to BLOG! Loved the pics, the tutorial (even I understood!) and especially the sweet kitties. Next: Do a tutorial on how to leave a comment - that took me a minute to figure out BUT I was determined!!!! Keep on BLOGGIN - you are a natural.
What a wonderful to start to what I KNOW is going to be a fabulous place to visit. I love everything you make and am so tickled you actually lived in Ct once upon a time. Welcome to the "world of blogging" from another Newbie!
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