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After three weeks, we can say definitively: Scott Walker has been the greatest gift to the American left since Richard Nixon, and maybe even since Bull Connor. Ben Masel said that the Fitzgerald who got appointed to head the state police is the meanest sob on the block -- meaner than Bull Connor. So, I guess we will find out when we see what happens next. But, I advise people to be prepared for some utter nastiness! oh, and I just corresponded with Ben and he said we held the capitol for two weeks, in 1985.
quote: a labor temple, a free speech zone…in the freakin’ state Capitol building! When does that ever happen?! This will not be erased from memory anytime soon wow ... you already erased the past occupation. We had all this in 1985. Please learn your progressive history!
Please check your history! THE WI CAPITOL WAS OCCUPIED ON 1985 FOR ANTI-APARTHEID! I WAS THERE! I am not sure of the dates, but I think we took the capitol for longer than this occupation! Learn your history!
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Mar 7, 2011