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Please don't forget the North East...your Homeland?! I would use Paypal now if you said you were coming! I cannot express how much you have motivated me, even on a Blog. I continually look forward to the next installment. Tinker Trays and Cardboard Box Corner are all parts of our classroom now. Your guidance was also greatly appreciated during our 'Armies' mini topic! Now where did I put that bag of pebbles and my paints.........
I am addicted to your blog. It is one of the best sources of inspiration! I LOVE IT! I have already implemented some of your ideas into my classroom and work.......but there is one question I need to ask........ Your Army Camp.......tell me more about it ...please...? I have an even split of boys and girls in my class. Since the beginning of term a great number of the boys are obsessed with guns, rifles and are very knowledgeable about what make of gun does what! I too would like to lead this on to an outdoor army camp style set up and am thinking along the lines of jungle/camo net. What else are you doing in yours? What are you challenging them to make/do? I really want to do it...but I can't quite see my challenge cards working ( see below) What are the boundaries?...... I am finding this side of setting up difficult to say the least. I want to move them on in their and my thinking...a challenge! Oh and OFSTED are probably going to land in the next two weeks or so. Possible Challenge Cards? 1. can you kill 1 2. can you kill 5 3. can you murder your class teacher without leaving a Cheers ps there are also a number of children who love farms, so maybe I should take the 'easy' option and do this instead?
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Aug 31, 2010
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Aug 30, 2010