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Yes I totally agree with the part of how people are parenting their children. But what if its not by handing them a video games or a television show or a bag of chips for an after school snack?! And maybe its their life style? Junk food can be CHEAP- Lets face it- if a mom or dad cant cook, they will give their child/ren junk like Mc D's, chicken fingers and fries or chips, etc. from Wal-mart! OR it can be expensive- Taking your family out to eat on a daily basis- cause your to dam lazy to cook. But its more so geared to the side of poverty. The higher the poverty level- the higher the obesity rate! So give it that these children are growing up in an enviornment that the parenting is lazy, or cant cook, or uneducation with good health and/or cant afford "good" meals- yes these children will be FAT! Its not cause they were given VIDEO GAMES or a TELEVISION (some cases -Yes!) Most- NO. Kids dont know any better and when you grow up in a family that doesnt teach you how to maintain good health and exercise, NOR do they have any friends to go and play with cause they are fat and made fun of already- SO all they know how to do is EAT- because thats all they are taught! Its not just over weight kids these days, parents are huge! When you see a fat child- you normally see a fat parent! So is this all caused by T.V and video games.....NOPE!
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Feb 4, 2011