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But the rising block pricing used in Ontario and, I assume, BC is only a rate increase on the power used after the limit for the lower rate. It does not retroactively apply to the power below the "limit". It is still possible and likely that per person the cost is lower and shared uses lower the overall consumption which already rewards having more people in the same home.
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An addition to Stephen Gordon's note on failing to train students to write, I did a civil engineering and linguistics double degree in undergrad and neither of those programs provided much in the area of improving writing. I learned most about writing in elective courses, but most students do not choose courses where writing is a requirement. Sadly, as a TA, I have found that the quality of writing produced by 3rd year engineering students is generally poor, and like many other science and arts programs there is no sense of how important communication is regardless of the field. Those who know how to write seem to end up in those public policy and international relations programs.
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At U of Calgary we could access evaluations but they gave very little useful information. Though having taken full programs in Arts and Engineering, I feel I have to agree about the borderline racists/offensive reviews especially in Engineering. Often it did not matter how good the prof was if they had any accent the students didn't care to listen. Having moved to another university, I have found that without the evaluations available I have put more effort into talking to other students about different professors and courses than I did previously. Perhaps, if the universities are not very concerned with teaching then the student governments should fill this void by providing some forum for teacher evaluation information to be transmitted.
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May 13, 2010