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Linh Nguyen
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@JH Panasonic doesn't make small, light and balanced lenses? 14+20. Both better than the 17. I'll give oly the collapsible, but that is a subjective cost to the end user (we'll see what the new rumored pancake powerzooms are...) @Mike, I have to say I disagree that NEX will never catch m43 in sales. Sony has a much better retail presence, and TBH, most people just have the kit, and maybe zoom kit, lenses. I am going full out m43, so the lens issue does affect my NEX decision, but I think Sony can pull ahead if they wanted to. With the so called new compact powerzooms... I think I would change my mind. people will go for the tiny combo. Hell, I would for a super light travel kit to add to my G3's I'm getting.
Toggle Commented Aug 20, 2011 on Sony's Big Mistake at The Online Photographer
This is more specifically, one-way syncing. My issue w/ this is the fact often times I'll retake a photo because of one reason or another. So if I go back to delete the crap, it's already uploaded. It doesn't get deleted if I delete it off my phone. Just an FYI for those looking at this. I'd just upload select ones manually, but right now posting through the Mobile Google+ app is buggy and auto-resizes/compresses between 640x480 and 1280x720 depending on aspect ratio
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Jul 3, 2011