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And before you rush to use above as case against Nadal for being JUST a 'clay' player, here's something else: There are just THREE people in the history of tennis who have won more non-clay Slams than Nadal: Federer, Djokovic and Sampras. Nadal has won more or tied (Connors-8) than EVERYONE else. So there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Even BIGGER problem? If she fails to capitalize - BIG freaking time - like someone named Graf.
Corekt Hansher: Roddick. Sharapova.
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Khorrect Hanzer: Go to 2:22.
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GARY LEE MOSER Right - 50%.
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Heck, he may (will?) get his first one this season - with the 13th guy in the freaking draw. Heck, how about winning the final after defeating Nadal? Will that be good enough for you? Geeeeeeezzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!
And that's without inserting the fact that Nadal had to deal with TWO greats vs them facing just one on clay.
And the irony, coppery, steely and bronzy for Medvedev is that he would have defeated Djokovic in four sets in the final - if not in three.
GARY LEE MOSER It's a typo. It should be 'Bronzed Calendar Slam' and not 'Golden Calendar Slam'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Djokovic thinks he @ AO is Federer @ Wimbledon. Very big, in Djokovic's case very LONG mistake.
Think he 'got' Federer with 'Not if they are fast enough' comeback!!!!!!!!!!
Correct answer: Click here.
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Federer's 40-15 thingy will hurt him until both(?) Nadal and Djokovic reach No. 22 on the Slam pole - based on above theory of missing the 'mark' by one?
Love watching players speak in their local language. She does it later in this video.
Medevedev better beat Hurkacz otherwise Federer will meet Djokovic with a lot of Tomato Cans in his hands. For rock people, what that means is freaking this: Federer will not be 'acclimatized' for rough weather in the final. Geeeeezzzzz!!!!!!!!!
Highest seed for Djokovic before the final will be No. 10 (Shapovalov) - if not No 17 (Garin)? And that's after two seeds have been eliminated and replaced by unseeded players in round 3 and quarterfinal.
Toggle Commented Jul 2, 2021 on Quiz question. at Tennis
Shouldn't scratching be deemed illegal @ pressers? How about pulling at your nose to first extend it beyond the already extended length and second to not provide the grotesque visual of what you are attempting to clear? What about squinting to hear the question? People can hear it from another freaking continent. Or is it to brace yourself for the tough question? Geeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!
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More? How about this: Djokovic didn't dominate EVEN in his bedroom - the 2021 AO. Think that counts? Click here.
Federer is injured - or very close to it?
Serena will reach the final without facing any of the top 14 players? If Azarenka loses in the next round, it could be top 19. And THEN she will be ready for Swiatek in the final? Get freaking real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!