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Toggle Commented 2 days ago on Quiz question. at Tennis
More? How about this: Djokovic didn't dominate EVEN in his bedroom - the 2021 AO. Think that counts? Click here.
Federer is injured - or very close to it?
Serena will reach the final without facing any of the top 14 players? If Azarenka loses in the next round, it could be top 19. And THEN she will be ready for Swiatek in the final? Get freaking real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If Nadal has 'multiples', doesn't that mean he has ALREADY won the second Career Slam????????????????????????????????????????????????
Khorekt Hanazer: Arantxa Sanchez Vicario. Click here. Her photos here.
She looked great for 89 year old. Some people cannot even come close @ age 39!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BETTYJANE What happens is probably this: Djokovic's showing against Nadal on surfaces not called clay irrefutably establishes Djokovic's ownership. Djokovic's record on those surfaces - outside of Nadal - further removes ALL doubt - specially for Nadal - personally - forget for other people / pundits. Nadal accepts above dynamic - unwillingly - but without any protest. However, when the two move to clay, above equation moves there too BUT since the domination coin flips in favor of Nadal the stream loses significant juice - for Djokovic. But the loss of juice is not as pronounced as Nadal's loss against Djokovic on surfaces not called clay for following reasons: Djokovic HAS defeated Nadal on clay - in straight sets - @ Nadal's favorite locations: Monte Carlo: 63 63. Rome: 76 63. Madrid: 62 64. And then there is the asterisked Roland Garros: 75 63 61. Above is important because NO ONE else has done that against Nadal EVER and more importantly Nadal has NOT inflicted proportionate damage on surfaces not called clay on Djokovic to counter it sufficiently enough to NOT let it become an issue for him on clay. Point: Djokovic's ownership of Nadal on surfaces not called clay carries over to clay with enough bite to tip the scale in Djokovic's favor - barely - IN NADAL'S MIND. However, Nadal's impossible record on clay still intimidates Djokovic sufficiently enough to NOT allow him to capitalize on his leverage - unrestrained. In other words, it's akin to the dynamic between a male lion and an elephant. Elephant knows he can crush the lion but lion's record provides enough scare to deter the elephant from going fully ballistic. Bottom line: Djokovic has risen high enough in Nadal's mind as a legit threat on clay that his shield of confidence has been pierced. Add advanced age and recent back problems forget his injury record vs Djokovic's recent achievements @ weeks @ No. 1, 9th AO title etc. and it's a Slam freaking dunk.
Shouldn't the one with most Slams be the oldest man? I mean, it means he spent the most time on the tour. But then how come Nadal has the most Slams and he is the youngest one? And if that wasn't enough, Connors has just 8 Slams and he is the oldest. Something is wrong here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Point: Physicality. Testosterone-inity?
Medvedev will win it?
Toggle Commented Feb 17, 2021 on Chat thread. at Tennis
Shouldn't Nadal be on this list? Isn't he the one who has been @ No. 2 the most? Oh, wait, I have a feeling I am missing something but can't out it figure right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Does Nadal winning last three straight years suggest some rats jumping the ship realizing No. 20 is GOING to get eclipsed? What's that 'saluting to the rising sun' thingy?
Nadal has won four - THREE straight - years.............OVER Federer - meaning either Federer has turned less sportsmanlike in old age or Nadal has not. That's despite Djokovic hugging the crap out of opponents at the net after the match with his hand over their necks while whispering obscenities about Federer and Nadal.
Is that the ONLY reason he has never won the Sportsmanship award - and never will?
GARY MOSER The ATP Tour is the top-level men's professional tennis circuit, administered by the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP). The tour began in 1990, so all of the records listed here start at that time and are based on official ATP data. Won # 1. Switzerland Roger Federer 1242 2. Spain Rafael Nadal 1002 3. Serbia Novak Djokovic 932 4. United States Pete Sampras 734 Spain David Ferrer 6. United States Andre Agassi 733 7. United Kingdom Andy Murray 676 8. Czech Republic Tomáš Berdych 640 9. Australia Lleyton Hewitt 616 10. United States Andy Roddick 612
More so, when Federer was the one with 'economical' style of play. Oh, forgot the PEDs angle!!!!!!!!!!!!
So nice of them to clarify this is for active players - from OPEN ERA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Here's more: H2H against Nadal @ Roland Garros: Federer: 0-6. Djokovic: 1-7.
And that's without inserting opening yourself to blatant and endless abuse. How many times has Nadal delayed coming to the baseline to receive his serve just to irritate him? How about Del Potro? Heck, everyone!!!!!
Is Nadal the only one to dish a bagel to his TWO arched and straightened rivals - @ his 'Home' Slam?
Toggle Commented Oct 11, 2020 on Chat thread: 2020 Roland Garros. at Tennis
Draw keeps getting softer and softer for Nadal.
Fabrice competing with Mirka and Clijsters (hair)? Geeeeezzzzz!!!!!!!!