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Anthea Liontos
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Crazy coincidence. We were staying at our friend's house in Cutchogue last weekend. My man spotted a blue crab on the beach and, being the host of the catch-and-release fishing show,, could not envision a weekend without fishing. So he and her hubby (co-producer of the show) headed out for some bait. The two returned with a container of nasty looking nightcrawlers for the unsuspecting fish and a package of your above-pictured chicken legs to entice the crab. Thing is, his wife and I couldn't understand why they chose fancy "air chilled" chicken to use as crab bait. The answer? "Honey, the entire package was only $1.99!" Unbelievable. Our only thought was an over-supply but you bring up a scarier premise. On a happier note....while they lost all the chicken and trapped only one crab (which they released) they caught a record 54 porgy over two days -- three of which were kept for pre-dinner sushi. Sublime :) On a completely different note...wondered if you'd seen this? Scroll down to the 7/21 "I want my Gourmet back" post. It's brilliant and long overdue. Comments are pouring in -- 195 and counting. Mine is #191. I learned about this, your site, form one of the commenters. I couldn't have been happier to read your words again. And now, I can tell you (in virtual person anyway) how very much I admire you, your career, your writing and what you did for Gourmet. Thank-you for all your wonderful books too ...they have brought so many smiles to my face. :)
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Jul 26, 2010