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Dave Lipsiea
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John, Thank you for your commitment to true ecumenism. There is something that has been bothering me lately and I thought maybe you could share your opinion on the subject: Do you see wasted effort and money by different Christian denominations who try in earnest to steal sheep from other Christian groups? The muslims, atheists, pagans, etc are not evangalized as much as they should be because "missionaries" are busy in countries that are already predominantly Christian such as Latin and Central America. Of course as a Catholic, part of my frustration is with those who believe that Catholics are not really Christian. Time and time again I run into evangelicals who are friendly but when push comes to shove don't really believe Catholics are Christian. Until that changes, true ecumenism will be stifled in my mind. Let me be clear, I know there are many, many evangelical Protestants who do believe Catholics are Christian but my exerience usually points otherwise. Thanks again for your work - I look forward to your posts every morning. Sincerely, Dave
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Jul 14, 2010