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I like bikes too.Some of the boys (and girls!) caught mingling with and riding the things are not bad either.... seems to bring on an odd counter balance.I know many out of shape,older biker dudes running around that can only be balanced out by catching types like these occasionally enjoying rides as well....
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sounds interesting,but I'm sure for many they have to see it played out before they get an idea on how to contribute.Random days can also be thrown in at times,with themes such as Zach in socks or random ideas like pictures pertaining to(and inviting captions to)Zach and Noah acting as investigative sleuths.... But I'm sure much of the crowd here would have a better idea on how to do this than me,they just have to be drawn out somehow....
hehehe at SantaFeFan......who doesn't love a good cuddle?makes for a good ending OR a good start either way! :p
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I also like what I've kept up with the show.Have a friend burning me and mailing me dvds so I've started the 5th season.I know when the show started,it was based on some books,but the series has long gone past anything I've gotten a hold of and read.Now it's getting quite twisted with the illusion of any kind of natural balance left.The way that several characters of many species are all competing for their own ways of doing things,showing what (if any)side each character is coming from seems to be getting quite tricky.Especially since scenes are played out of things that have happened at any time/time period,you can have a character introduced by playing over what is remembered,only to have them show up in real time later. The vampires at this point,all have their own means to things,their own POV to things,and their long,never-ending lives with events and each other have made them seem almost drastically political in ways.Harsh enough on my vision of reality to nearly make my head hurt. If we,as the great gathering of online fans,get any authority to cast actors in the next show they will film,I vote Zach play a furry bending the rules.I'm more for having an actor on his caliber playing a total plot tweaking alternate of some kind,(we have fairy descent,magic tweakers on another level like Lafitte's boyfriend what's-his-name,what else do we have to dig out of mythology and lose track of over time?:p)
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Sherlock or Benny.Would be adorable either way!but Sherlock may be more appropriate.All the kittens I've had were into looking at and getting into everything.....
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sometimes the best way to energize a moody cat is to throw a kitten in the mix.They'll either get grouchy and competitive with it (although since you mentioned the passing of other pets it knew,I doubt it)or you might have to watch your back.Cats can quickly pick up tricks and other things from each other,so you might soon have two cats to watch over because every time your back is turned,they'll be working together and up to something.....
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damn,sounds interesting to go to,but I'll have to do what I can...*walks out toward road and sticks thumb out* film festivals can be such fun!sneak peeks and everything...
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he's Ian Ottaway.He doesnt do a lot of youtubes,but gives advice on his section of the page for BRMC.He also keeps up with the band and mingling in several things.He doesn't have a particular act(though he does have a facebook page) and lives in Kansas.Sort of.He travels a lot,and goes to several places.I've met up with him when he's traveled to Austin a few times.He goes under the title of Spiritual Tech Support.
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Jun 27, 2012
they don't pinch unless their frightened!I've had many before.They can climb anything (glue holding a tank together,sleeves of a shirt,whatever's handy)and I used to have several in my college years because they are so easy to feed!they don't eat much,and live as scavengers in the wild,so you can give them any of your leftovers of any kind and they'll be fine.They don't pinch hard(and certainly don't need to be removed with a hammer!)unless you let them crawl on your hand or on you and won't stay still.(getting them evenly on a surface and having some patience will result in them calming down and letting go)Keeping different shells of different sizes around in what their kept in won't hurt at all.They switch shells as they grow,or change their minds,or,well,a lot. Only issue I had with mine,well,because they climb ANYTHING very well,I had to stack books on the tank lid to keep them from nimbling their butts out.They only work by instinct,but can darn near survive in any warm environment given.In trees,in rocky places,whatever...
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it seems like the ones doing the sexual crimes,quickly learn what to say to the right people to get away with a slap on the wrist,if anything.True victims are often accused of being 'wrong' somehow, and have to fight through others accusations and what is thought of them by others long before any real thing is ever achieved.I also know others that have been wrongfully accused,but results from that often make it even harder on ones that actually have accusations to make.Always seems like the wrong side gets the brunt of harshness long before ones doing such crimes ever get wind of it,and we end up punishing the wrong side before justice ever plays out...and wrong things(and fear of wrong things)still get played out in the process like the people in our lives....
hmmm,I like.Also just finished AHS yesterday on my computer.One of my friends on the other side of the country recorded it on dvds and mailed them to me,but I've been hectically short on time for a long while so I'm just now watching any of it.Curious as to how the next season will turn out,as things are said to be a bit reversed from last season.Any kind of set up where two characters are doomed to a loveless pairing for eternity,with only occasional hints of sweetness that can be picked up on from time to time....well,that opens up MANY possibilities for where the plot can turn to and individual characterizations can be warped to........
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here's my take... 1. Do you ever imagine interacting with one of Zachary's characters? Dreams, day dreams, wishes? If so which one? I wouldnt mind joking around with concepts of different characters he's played,but I like the actor more,and I love pranks and joking in any form even more! 2. Imagine that you find yourself sitting next to Zachary on a train. People have, you know. He wants to chat, what would you most like to chat with him about? I'm usually deceptively quiet in person,so if he wants to chat I may just let him lead the discussion and fill in any gaps.(wussy I know,but true)Might get the guts built up(on a long freaking train ride!)to ask him about his networking and overall directing work,and what he has in mind to do with it ATM. 3. What characteristics of Zachary's do you share? Not quite sure.I've heard a lot about him,but have never even talked to him(yet:P)so I can't be certain.I do like taking in bigger pictures of who all is going to be affected by actions like he's talked about doing in a few interviews. 4. Someone who has never heard of Zachary or Star Trek or Heroes has asked you to share a brief vid or scene of Zachary's that would best show why you admire him. What would you pick? I would go with showing a collection of interview clips that shows a few sides of him as a person(considerate,his humor,ect.)and explain that he's gone on to play in and start many things on his own with all that in mind.
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that exact pic of a statement seems to be going around facebook.It's been going around mine too.Oh well,it's still true.I've had the feeling for years that this only helps verify,that if I hear anyone else tell me I'm just confused,experimenting,or will grow out of it,I might get really mad before I remember it's not worth trying to educate the stupid.Ive gotten angry and snapped with several people I have dated over the years once they really understand that I do have other options I choose to never explore,examine,or show off with while dating them.But I'm attacked for honesty in the process.I've been considered a bitch,a player,and a whore by many.I've had many accuse me of either being super lucky or on something by several that hang around me over time(no one ever considers the truth.I have blood sugar issues where I don't eat much at once,but every hour or so.Never put on or kept much weight in my life,but I lose it quickly.) long given up on expecting others to consider or understand much about my life.Thinking seems to take effort for many,so why should they try it?I'm very sympathetic to others,and understand that the world is bigger and works in more ways than many are comfortable with.I can still smell a mile away when someone is bullshitting me though...
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I've had someone I know post this on my facebook.I'm amused because the guy who posted it has similar twisted humor as me....
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hehehe....had to read all through that,and it words what I've encountered exactly!the fact that the page was set up and made on another part of the world only shows that people in general are really not that different.....loved the reply where he gave directions to his location and mentioned he'll be waiting with his pet rottweilers......
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love it! love how they were able to work around each others ideas and ways of thinking,almost naturally,and collaborate into something that is quite funny,but is not a collection of gags as Neil put out that some humor writing tends to go in.There is so much that can be done with it,from sharing it,to fan writings of "lost chapters"(not that I'm guilty of dabbling with crazy inspirations in that manner...) to putting it on a film or any other crazy art form that it inspires.Many films inspired by books cannot film every detail of what was originally on paper,but I definitely feel if a movie or movie series was made that got the characterization and mood/ideas just right,humor would be inevitable and it would give many a good,questioning escape.Doesn't that actually go along with movies that do their job well? of course,to really pull this off right,Gaiman and Pratchett would have to have their hands in directing as well.Doesn't need to be anything big,I don't know if either author would be up for anything major,just a touch of guiding from the wonderfully twisted wouldn't hurt...
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steffi,I already have it and several Dr Who's burned on dvd. No way I could miss a classic series that never needs to end,with an episode written by my favorite author! now if Good Omens could be given a good screenplay,directed by a few directors to give alternate approaches and viewpoints (and show different kinds of humor....along with different Queen songs to play along to a few scenes of course...)I don't see why it wouldn't be a movie(or short series of movies tied together like some books are split up when they are transferred to the screen)that would do superbly.Nevermind who would make a perfectly fitting Crowley who would also be superb at it......
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I have that book,along with the Sandman comics and many other stories...I'm a huge Gaiman fan...I love a lot of his stories,but I don't like how the few that got on screen were transferred over.There's so much of his work that I would love to see made into films,(and cartoons,and any means to express telling stories...)but I don't feel what has been done has been directed right(like it's made for an audience that would not catch on to the subtlety of some of his work.What isn't ignored feels like they have to blare the obvious to idiots like I was discussing before.)Crowley as a character would help Zac's comedic side (if played),but I feel a team of directors is needed to do justice to Gaiman's work transferred on screen.Not that we know of any people who have acted in works they've directed in,or directors at all!:p
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