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Lisa Ellwood
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Excellent post - to further comment on Bhavini's point on placing limits on abundance: When I lost my last job early last year I focused on starting over, within a specific time period and in a specific place under certain conditions. All according to the plan set out in my New Year's exercise. This in and of itself turned out great - I was seeing results quite early in the year and everything fell into place. However, I made a crucial mistake... I literally only focused on creating security for myself for a period of one year because of the redundancy package I received. I thought that was enough time to get myself settled and start up my freelancing business - and guess what? The financial security and stability has lasted exactly one year because my focus was so narrow and now I'm scrambling to regroup! To me this is another prime example of how powerful one's thinking can be - you attract abundance but with limits that can actually be quite devastating. A lesson learned - but an invaluable one!
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Apr 2, 2010