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Bay Area, Calif.
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Cal Academy of Sciences (@calacademy) just tweeted this link about Plastics in our Oceans: 3 1/2 min. video worth watching. So sad that our ocean garbage patches have names! Interesting notion that "plastic is not the problem – it’s how we use plastic. We don’t think of steel as a material to be dumped in the ocean after a single use. Steel is melted down and reformed. We can do the same with plastic - it is a matter of changing how we view it." Some stats shared: there are 46,000 items of marine debris on or below every square mile of our ocean, and in some cases, there's a 6:1 ratio of plastic to plankton.
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safe travels... and wear sunscreen! It's already pushing +100 degrees there.
Toggle Commented May 12, 2009 on Off to Phoenix at Enterprise Mobility Matters
Luca posted his slide on his blog, Tech PR Nibbles, at Be sure to check out slides 32 and 33 for the visual of how the anatomy of a PR pro has changed over the last 5 years. good stuff.
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