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WOW! when pigs fly, gotta love that, I hope to get this line soon, love love love, Best line for me, Thanks for the sneak, Lisa Hall
********************************** I just became a grandmother for the first time and have been looking for the right paper, well look no further, I LOVE IT,,, UNEMPLOYED WITH A LOT OF SPARE TIME,, LOVE WHAT YOU DO, Thanks for sharing Lisa,
T sending a white light and that heavenly FATHER has his arms wrapped around her today. It is hard when our babies hurt, sorry that you are not feeling the best, relax and Remember to Breath... Love you Lisa
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*********************************************Oh happy Day I love your things. thanks for the chance to will the BIG EVENT, peace out Lisa Hall i love getting your goodies!:)
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*************Oh boy Love the Nate's ABC Album we lost our 5 year old Daughter, so this is a great way for me to showcase her art and i am in my heart to finally ready to tackle this project. thanks for all the Knowledge that you all have given to me Lisa have a happy Sunday!.
T there are many reasons that we....... create show, share, and photograph, and treasure this craft. for these reasons and many more. I know that you will be able to comfort her in this time, you are one of the truly most loving, giving, honest woman that i have had the pleasure of getting to know. heavenly father will hold her hand during this hard time, We just all need a little refreshing now and then I heart you bless you Lisa
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we scrap from the emotion that comes from our heart,glad that you kept things in check for you, way to go steph,,,,,i love what you did. thanks Lisa hall
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*********************************************I just love to travel so that brings me to the boarding pass well LOVE IT .... When will it ship? thanks Lisa Hall
Toggle Commented Jan 30, 2011 on Sneaks!! at October Afternoon
T I love it all.. The Size The color the Bling so proud of you just love where you are going, and the 2lbs good girl it is so hard to diet when you are out of your home good for you.can't wait to get this. happy day T and a great time at CHA Missing you... Lisa Hall
Toggle Commented Jan 21, 2011 on HOME from HSN- NOTATIONS DEBUT at TERESA COLLINS
wanted to ask how you like living where you live my dream in my soul;from the time is was in the 5Th grade i have dreamed to live on the east coast my family keeps me here on the west coast.i am 52 hope to have that dream come true someday. again thanks lisa Hall
Toggle Commented Jan 8, 2011 on yoooohooooo! at Stephanie Howell
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hello little mama I have been around for a while i used to pack kits for Tricia C in Oregon.i have been scrapen for 15 yrs, I then got the SC kits and have been follow you. my girls are 30, 27 and lost our middle daughter at 5,I loved having 3 girls, best time in my life,loss is very hard to get over well you don;t get over it you just have to get on and keep moving ahead, you are a very strong woman my hope for you is that this move you are able to find good friends while you are there. enjoy these babies they grow so fast the house work can wait, hope that you are able to get a fix on just how many followers you have. bless you Lisa Hall on the Oregon coast
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Posted Dec 27, 2010 at Lisahall9222000's blog
Hey T ' Merry christmas to you my friend wow i do not have any of these TOYS You could really be my santa,,,,,, they are all great someone will be supre lucky i hope that it is me i need to treats first year we did not havea tree that was not a good idea, won;t do it again,love to Taylor Taylor, thANKS FOR THE GREAT GIVE A WAY THANKS SANTA
Merry Christmas I had 3 girls lost our middle one at 5. listen my life was the best with my 3 babies.i also was a stay at home mom. we , played loved listened pretend took long bathes ate cleaned ate some more played again napped sometimes tears yep some days more than others. i always tried to give the girls their alone time, and make time for me cuz that made me a better mommy, and wife i to have a wonderful man that helps me and god love him but,,,my man is not ever away form our family. There is always someone out there wanting to create pain for others, move on you have the life that works for you so enjoy it. and steph you will not always make everyone happy. they are small. i love your blog and Love SC and have been getting the kits from the start, I love that you embrace the life that you have. ENJOY thanks and love the layout Lisa Hall
Toggle Commented Dec 23, 2010 on where do you find the time?? at Stephanie Howell
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Red Lead you are the best, I love the things that you send to me, Happy hoildays to you and all your staff. thanks for giving a treat to someone merry christmas Lisa Hall
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good luck my dear welcome little one peace be with you Love Mark and Lisa
Toggle Commented Nov 10, 2010 on last time..... at Balancing Bliss
I love it thanks for sharing a while ago i kept mmmmm home now for a while lots going on more later see ya can't wait for the extra name
Toggle Commented Oct 19, 2010 on chosen.... at Balancing Bliss
oh I love a good surprise. Who could it be Now Who could it be Now. Just gonna have to wait see you and Taylor Taylor Thanks T Lisa
Toggle Commented Sep 18, 2010 on House of BOXES at TERESA COLLINS
Taylor -Taylor so funny saying that name giggle giggle, OK here i go....I have said it already but your mama wants me to say it again.. 1.Walk with Heavenly father by you side 2.LISTEN to heavenly father when he speaks to your heart. 3.Listen to Spencer. 4.Listen to me when i say finish school have something that is all yours. 5.Be proud of your man. 6.Always support your man Spencer and walk beside him shoulder to shoulder. 7. Love deep & love long 8. Be truthful 10. Be honest 11.Be happy 12 Love your self and be good to you as well. 13. Always know that the things that your mama will do is truly out of love and affection for you, her pride and joy. 14.and never go to bed mad (always kiss and make up that is the best part) AFTER 30 YEARS THAT IS JUST HOW I LIVE. 15.Keep it real make the best out of your life. Always give thanks ENJOY the ride my friend bless you Taylor Taylor kiss kiss Love Lisa Hall oh ya YOU LOOK HOT love the pic's just from my experience having my 2 beauties married in the last 2 years It is a very emotional time i was such a cry baby and i always was looking back in my mind and heart to see just how far they have come to be the most fabulous woman and just how proud of them i am. so bring her flowers and know this is hard for he,r to let you go belong to someone else. ok enough good night guys miss ya Lisa Hall
Toggle Commented Oct 22, 2009 on MY little girl.... at TERESA COLLINS
good morning friend. great message. love the last part. I will call you cuz i am a caller. plus i could go see toy story as well. And i too am tiring to get the rest of this weight off maybe we can give each other a hand thanks Lisa love shopping in the smaller stores no more 1x lisa Hall
I am proud to call you my friend, Love ya Katie bug be kind to your soul and don't let the smallness of some, rain on your parade my dear there not worth it, Lisa
love the day you had i would love to have a day like that. i got you some paper Cosmo cricket for your back to school the new boy line with paper airplanes, there is about 9 papers, I'll find some for Lucy girl love ya lisa
Toggle Commented Sep 15, 2009 on best day of the year..... at Balancing Bliss
oh boy yes T a mother's prayer is most powerful. kiss the girl on her forehead. sorry Taylor is sick tell her i am going to MT, Angel for the October fest and camp fro 5 days then to see you 1 day later fell better kiddos. Lisa Hall
Toggle Commented Sep 14, 2009 on ABC 4- GOOD THINGS UTAH/EXPO at TERESA COLLINS