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Lisa Palmer
Washington DC metro region
Writer and editor covering the environment, climate change and business.
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Alpinist Conrad Anker joined the SEJ conference field trip to Glacier National Park on Thursday. Anker is most famous for his challenging ascents of the worlds highest mountains, including peaks in the high Himalaya, Patagonia, and Antarctica. He is also the climber that found the body of George Mallory in 1999 on Mount Everest (Read Anker’s account in The Lost Explorer). At 47, the Bozeman, Montana-resident now also includes environmentalist and citizen scientist among his chief occupations. Global warming is one of his greatest concerns, he said. Standing on the shores of the McDonald River, Anker, who writes a column... Continue reading
Jennifer, I'm looking forward to your network lunch. So far this year in my yard I've had several fox (did you know they scream like a shrieking toddler?), black snakes, a green snake, box turtles, a fawn (where was the mother?), and turkey vultures--all in 1/4 acre. #sej
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I’m a pretty direct person, but I was a little shocked with my actions yesterday. I asked an energy scientist from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory if I could meet him at 7 a.m. on a Saturday morning to discuss his research. You could call it presumptuous, but it's part of my advance planning for the SEJ conference. The Saturday in question is Saturday, Oct. 16, which is the day this scientist, Dr. Jeffery Greenblatt, will speak at a panel I’m moderating on clean energy technology and the environment. Another motivation for this meeting is fear that I won't be... Continue reading
Hello, all. I'm a freelance writer and editor. I cover science, environment, climate change, and business topics for a variety of national publications and online media. I am also a regular contributor to the Yale Forum, where I write about climate change and its intersection with the media. Earlier this year I worked as a freelance development editor for the America's Climate Choices Advancing the Science of Climate Change study at the National Academy of Sciences, where I had the great opportunity to witness first-hand the challenges scientists face when communicating their work to a broad audience. This is my... Continue reading
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Sep 2, 2010