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Lisa Rappa
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Interesting read about your dogs single bark. I had the same experience exactly at 6am this morning and was trying to find a meaning in a dream book online. This isn't he first time this has happened in the past 3 months and the odd thing about this bark was it had been my child hood dogs bark. Not the dog I just lost in July. So I jumped up and actually said her name and got out of bed as did you. I'm now more curious about this, since this is my dog from childhood and the last time it was my most recent dog. And as I sit and write this a bird hits my glass door (wives tale?).The only conclusion I can come up with is it's a warning from the dog. And the bird is someone is going to die. Put them together and I guess that's my answer.
Toggle Commented Mar 31, 2010 on Ghost Dogs at Salish Sea
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Mar 31, 2010