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My favorite rom-coms -- even the traditional ones --are not so much about The One as about The Story. How they met, why it didn't work at first, what happened to finally make it work, all the little details that take on the patina of myth as they are repeated. That's why my favorite rom-com of all time is When Harry Met Sally. I especially love the "documentary" couples (played by actors playing real people)telling their how-they-met stories -- mundane to us but fascinating and seemingly magical to them. As you point out it's those "strange paths" that fascinate us -- the opening chapter of what will be come a shared history, the first tale in the mythology of a new tribe, the couple. And it's also the path of a relationship like Harry and Sally's, not the blinding flash of love at first sight but the slow, flickering pilot light of faithful friendship, that finally allows each to develop into each other's One. So many (including my manager) say the rom-com is essentially dead, but I never get tired of these stories. I hope we never stop making them!
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Oct 28, 2010