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Lisa Schad
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Two things: 1. I have a tummy ache from eating a huge omelet at brunch today (out) in like two minutes because I could tell that baby was only going to smile and happily eat rice cookies for about two minutes and three seconds. I just relate to the subtitle of this cooking book - as I'm sure all new parents do. 2. This post must be about my husband who CANNOT BE STOPPED from eating all cookies made in this house. I was cracking up reading this. Recently he has started baking (my hard-rock, tattooed, whiskey-drinking husband?) - admittedly "kit" cookies where all you add is butter and an egg - but still he has started BAKING to have complete control over his cookie consumption and to proliferate the cookies that have gone missing from the pantry since I decided to really work off the baby weight. Send me the book please. I'll bake him some. But they are almost wasted on him since how can he taste them when he is vacuuming a whole batch of cookies in one sitting? Lisa
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Feb 11, 2012