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I found Dubose's Legal Writing for the Rewired Brain>/i> so fascinating that I developed a CLE course called Pixel Persuasion: Legal Writing for the 21st Century to share many of the lessons he teaches. The course also includes a discussion of the prevalence of screen-reading among federal and state court judges. Anyone who is interested in learning more can view the course for free at (you pay only if you want to get CLE credit for viewing the course).
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I can understand where your client is coming from, because I recently said exactly the same thing to the plumber. We had a minor leak under our sink. The plumber (our regular guy) came quickly, fixed the leak, cleaned up after himself, and was a pleasure to interact with (as he always is: he's a nice guy). He even took 30 minutes off the bill. Still, as he was leaving, I said the same thing to him as your clients said to you. Why? Well, in my case, it's because I didn't want to spend money fixing something I use on a daily basis, but usually don't have to worry about. It's not fun. It doesn't "improve" my home (like a new addition might). Basically, it helped me maintain the status quo of my house, and kept a larger problem (i.e., water damage to the cabinet) from developing. While your commenters have offered excellent suggestions, some types of law practice are like the plumber: you don't ever want to need those services. I think the best that can be done is to make the experience as painless as possible. After all, just because this client doesn't want to have to talk to you again doesn't mean he won't refer others to you.
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The crowning irony is that the brief TOI story contains multiple factual and/or grammatical errors. First, as you noted, the article refers to the largest bar association in the U.S. as the American Bar Council, rather than the American Bar Association. Second, the article contains the following "quote" from the ABA Journal: "Indian LPO companies have taken a lot of heat from US lawyers for siphoning work, but they now may need to steal themselves against editors," said the article. It further said, "High quality and effective English writing has been out of fashion in the US for several decades." While I haven't gone back to read the original article, I doubt it said that "they now may need to steal themselves against editors." Indeed.
I've had three professional headshots taken over the last five years or so (plus a candid snapshot that I used for my Twitter avatar for a while). The vast improvement between my previous pictures and with my current headshot/profile picture is definitely due to the fact that, this time, I worked with a professional event photographer (in fact, I also booked him to shoot my daughter's bat mitzvah), rather than a news photographer (my previous headshots were all taken by photographers who were at my office anyway to shoot pictures for magazines).
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