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Baby blankets are on my needles, currently three, about to start a fourth ... trying to keep up with the baby blitz our children are producing - 5 in one year!
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Heinous acts, to be sure ... but worthy of assassination? Without benefit of a trial, judged by a jury of his peers? What use is the Constitution if it is selectively applied according to who we find worthy? When the Tea Party is officially declared a terrorist group, will it be OK for the President to order the assassination of their spokesman and recruiter because he incites Tea Party protests, states that Tea Party actions are proper under the Constitution? Don't say it can't happen, or won't. Did we ever imagine we would have a socialist at the helm of this country? Lastly, we are better than they are ... let's not dance in the streets over the death of another. It's not something to celebrate.
Toggle Commented Sep 30, 2011 on Friday Dead Tango Dance- Awlaki edition at BlackFive
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This is chilling ... seriously, what crimes were they charged with? Exercising their right to freedom of speech - no matter how abhorrent and treasonous it was? Al Awlaki was a PR guy for Al Qaida. He said some really bad things about the US, but there is no evidence that he ever participated in any planning or execution of terrorist activities. We just assassinated an American for speaking out against his government. If that doesn't bother you, you aren't paying attention. What if Obama decides that what you are saying is against US interests? Will it be OK for him to order your assassination? Are you down with the military carrying out those orders? Sorry for the contrariness ... and I do think RP is a nutter, but really, assassinated for speaking ...
Toggle Commented Sep 30, 2011 on Friday Dead Tango Dance- Awlaki edition at BlackFive
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