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Re: No.5 I remember wondering 'Who the hell is this guy? I've never heard anything about him. (Other than who his daddy is.)' One of my employees was a supporter of his. I asked her why. Not being snarky, I seriously wanted to hear something about him. Despite the fact that she is an educated woman, she never actually answered beyond several versions of, "Because I am."
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Wow, this flowchart is amazingly,eerily on track. I never realized just how very average I am. What a set down this is to my self image. The only inaccuracy that I see is the "asleep at 45" bit. Hah! Around 45-50 are the "ANGST years", when you have teens in the home. No one sleeps {well} during those turbulent years. I define "ANGST" as "ANGry STranger", which is what even the most loving adolescents become as they approach teen status. And the only thing you can do is stay open and patient and wait for your loving child to reappear around the "barely 17" mark! So, back that down to 50 {or even 55 as couples are waiting longer to have babies now} and you have an irritatingly accurate picture of American life. ***Oh, by the way, I am very, very blessed. Not only can I sleep now, I have just been presented with a lovely granddaughter.
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