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Jordan Liston
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So im in class right now, and we are discussing Christian denominations.. I am starting to realize that all they do is get in the way! I am having trouble acting like I care, and I have a feeling God doesnt care much either. So much time has been spent on arguements between these unimportant denominations. Who cares! Why dont we all just worship the Lord our God and follow his word to the best of our ability without glorifying our man made traditions to the point where they become seperated groups within what is suppossed to be our Christian family. I promise God isnt basing his view of you upon some group name above your church. Christianity is the belief in Jesus Christ and following him and his word with your life. Easy as cake. Have a slice. Continue reading
Posted Mar 31, 2011 at Jordan Liston's blog
Let’s say you just got your first car. It’s a Honda civic, and basically all you know about it is that it’s silver. You are new to the roads, so when your car breaks down you have to take it in to the shop. The mechanic begins to tell you... Continue reading
Posted Feb 3, 2011 at Jordan Liston's blog
My professor said today in his lecture that there are certain things every father knows. He said it’s as if God implants these thoughts into a Fathers head: The need to play catch or wrestle with his son, and to treat his daughter with respect always opening doors and helping... Continue reading
Posted Nov 21, 2010 at Jordan Liston's blog
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