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Hey, y'all, thanks for the support.
Hi, Ellie, and thank you for linking to my blog! Your list made me smile. I notice that you included animals and nature (plants, minerals, etc) as well as people -- a gentle reminder that we share the planet with many other entities worthy of our care and consideration. Wishing you a beautiful weekend.
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Oh. My. Thanks. Laffs. Hugs. --Bill P.S. You KNOW it's bad when you click thru to Amazon, there are only 2 copies left in stock, but then you don't add it to your cart cuz you don't want to see all that Amazon info on prices rising and falling on "important" stuff you've promised to buy yourself "someday." P.P.S. We shud all be sending our Amazon commissions to Susie. Again.
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Yep. Great example of "some animals are more equal than others" -style thinking. --Bill
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Aw, thanks tons, Susie, this is just what I needed to hear today. I applaud your brilliance. Hugs, --Bill
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"If you put the murderer in charge of the crime scene, they will try to hide the body." --Carl Safina
"Tricked." When I did my zine, Black Sheets, in the mid-'90s, I found Kim Fowley through a mutual acquaintance and called him up to ask for an interview. He wanted to chat with me on the spot, on the provision that I leave my tape recorder off. I agreed, thinking that this was my chance to break the ice and get to know him. Fowley was interesting (however self-absorbed), and I thought about breaking my promise, but I kept my word. Then he continued to chatter, more or less nonstop, for over an hour, making it nearly impossible to get a word in edgewise. At the end, he made a remark to the effect of, "Gee, too bad you didn't get any of this on tape; you would have had your interview." This was back in the days when a seventy-minute long-distance call really cost something, and I was working out of my bedroom. Waste of time. Waste of money. Waste of energy. Waste of ethics. Not an experience I would care to repeat. --Bill
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Mar 15, 2010
"If I have time to watch "Entourage" and read "Cute Overload," I have time to call or email my Congressperson." LMAO. Absolutely. Furthermore, you don't even have to be a currently registered voter in order to call or email. Your opinion still counts. --Bill,
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Small Footprints -- That's a great idea too. Often I go to Zen mode when I have something to do that I judge as tedious or unpleasant ... so that I focus on simply doing it attentively, rather than judging it. Thanks for sharing this! --Bill Brent
Great video and song. No, skepticism and cynicism are not the same thing. As I like to say, there's an upside to every downside, and a downside to every upside. In love, as in all things. That's not cynical, IMO, that's realistic. --Bill
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OK, here's an odd but true story I composed in 1997 while on acid, in order to meet a call for submissions for a likewise odd anthology called EROS EX MACHINA -- later retitled SEX MACHINE -- it's pretty self-explanatory otherwise. I did have to tidy up my acid-drenched scribblings later, just as any good writer must edit his first draft, but I couldn't have gotten to first base without the acid trip. --Bill
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Now I want to write a self-help book titled "How to End Your Codependent Relationship with Self-Help Books." --Bill
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Absolutely brilliant. Yay for stick figures! Americans are hocking jewelry to buy gas and such, things have gotten so bad. My blog has some consumer-related content; anyone curious can click on the "Current Affairs" link there: Susie, thanks for posting this. --Bill
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FWIW, I have never had a problem with your blog, running Mozilla 1.7 for Windows. I much prefer this to the IE / Outlook Express combo: Also available for other platforms, incl. Solaris: --Bill
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