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Michael Savage @ASavageNation ALL OF MY ONCE SECRET HOMES 'VISITED' BY POLITICAL OPERATIVES IN LAST THREE DAYS. VERY DANGEROUS. Dearest Doctor Savage , Throw Your '' ENTIRE '' Soul within the White Light ... You will be Safe there ! The Heavenly ,Pure, White light is Brighter then a Trillion Suns and Your eyes won't be hurt looking at it. Mary is within this unimaginable , Pure White Light. She is Utterly , Exquisitely , Indescribably Beautiful and She Protects. Only the Master Painter Leonardo Comes Remotely close to painting her Facial Bone Structure. But NO ONE Can paint her Eyes which radiate Pure Protecting Love. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE WITHIN THAT WHITE LIGHT Pray for Divine Providence as you THROW Yourself in the Protective White Light .. Evil Doing Operatives are Paralyzed within the MIRACULOUS WHITE LIGHT ! Only a Pure Heart can see the White Light without getting Incinerated ! YOU ARE SAFE .... BEHIND A STAR ! God Gave you a SPECIAL 8th , 9th and 10th Sense ... Spirit Gift ! '' READ '' ..The White Light ! Within The White Light , Behind A Star ... THE KING OF THE JEWS ! Your Miracle King ! .... You are SAFE Behind Him ! TRUST IN DIVINE PROVIDENCE ! THE WHITE LIGHT IS OTHER WORLDLY BEAUTIFUL ! You have the Ability Sense Gift to '' READ '' The White Light !
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Mar 4, 2018