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I just finished your book and I just had to check this out. I had wondered in to a bookstore because I was locked out of my apartment until my partner got home and it was cold. I was keeping myself occupied in the craft section, and just as the shop was about to close I spotted the book, sitting on the shelf staring at me innocently. Well, once I did get in the house I couldn't put the book down. So much of your struggles making the cardigan are parallel where my life is at right now. I have never made a sweater out of it, simply because I couldn't find a pattern that begged me to create it. Until recently, when I was waiting in line at a yarn shop in my hometown. So I've started a yarn fund out of my tip money and, bar any unforeseen financial dilemma, I will hopefully begin to make it in a few weeks. Thank you for the inspiration and courage!
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Oct 21, 2010