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As has been stated, it would have been better to leak the information without Drs. Hooker and Wakefield being spearheads and instead following up later. A small anonymous leak may have focused the vitriolic loons on Dr. Thompson. But of course, they'd have no way of predicting such a response in advance. Anymore than say 3 spitting, rabid TV Network anchors crucifying Dr. Wakefield. Let's hope someone, somewhere with honor in the CDC - or of stature elsewhere - is preparing to jump into the fray.
You say 264%. Isn't it 340%?
Watched the ABC gutt-churning interview again. What amazes me is Andrew Wakefield's civility in the face of such relentless and obnoxious aggression. I'm pretty patience but also pretty sure... I'd have popped Stephanopoulos in the nose and stormed out. Some may want to take a minute and contact George I did - Mr. Stephanopoulos's career will one day be defined by the Andrew Wakefield interview. Over $ 2 billion has been paid out for vaccine-damaged kids so far. No shabbier performance has ever been seen on screen. OK, other PHARMA shill-attack-dogs, Anderson Cooper and Matt Lauer are contenders. No point in a point-by-point... simply, George lied about reading Callous Disregard. Where the hell are your investigators? You think your Iraq war embrace was embarrassing? Historically, it's nothing compared to this scandalous omission. Media AWOL on Autism & Vaccines.
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Jan 21, 2011