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(Repeat?) I wonder if you can link to a video podcast and a transcript of the talk? I'd like to see, read it in full. Thanks.
Thanks, but if like to see the chart based at the low point of the recession, and to see a total. That way I could more easily see the relative jogs of the various sectors a well as those of the total economy. One other thing, since the sectors are of different sizes, I might also want to see the plot of the number of jobs not only the percent. Regardless, thanks...
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Sorry, the way I read it, it is easer to IMPEACH, though not to convict, than to legslate. 1. To Impeach takes only a majority of the house. 2. To pass a Bill takes a majority in BOTH legislative bodies, perhaps a super majority in the Senate, and either a Presidential acceptance or Super majorities in BOTH. Of course, as you point out it is easier to BLOCK legislation than to CONVICT, but that was not as I read the original statement.
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I. wish you had given more context. something like? "continuing low growth will probably lead to even smaller percent of adults employed", (see.. ) or whatever..
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I am sending the following to my representatives and to Obama: Save the Science programs Please see if you can save some of the less expensive science programs that benefit us all. I realize that you may not be able to preserve many of the Government programs that some of us liberals want, but the following are not very costly and provide major benefits to the nation so I hope that yu and the other side can re-consider them and maintain their funding , e.g. See: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration cuts for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration will contribute to a gap in weather satellite coverage by delaying the replacement of a key satellite. The gap, which will start in about 2016, could last a year or more and could reduce the accuracy of near-term weather forecasts, including early warnings of tornado conditions and massive snowfalls — potentially putting public safety at risk. Statistical Abstract of the United States demise of the Census Bureau’s annual Statistical Abstract of the United States. For over a century, journalists, researchers, students, and others have relied on the Statistical Abstract for authoritative information about the U.S. economy, society, and government. But the Census Bureau, facing a funding cut next year, plans to eliminate the Abstract to focus its limited resources on maintaining the quality of the data it collects. http://numbersruleyourworld/2011/08/save-the-statistical-abstract.html Food Safety Funding to implement major legislation Congress passed last year to improve food safety is also at risk. Reports of contaminated products continue to make headlines, and House-approved cuts to the Food Safety and Inspection Service would make the situation worse I'm sure that there are other nickel and dime cuts that I would hope that you can work the put back in the budget. Thanks... p.s. I'd also like to save the Hubble Successor, but as this is not a small cost item, I am including it as an after thought rather than the main request in this eMail. See:
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Aug 23, 2011