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Interests: literature, philosophy, rhetoric, thinking important thoughts, agenbite of inwit, poetics, semiotics, green matters
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I think the lamest would have to be the implication of 3&4, 5: 5. That Kaufman not only recognized "Mandy," but he enjoys it in the first place.
Toggle Commented Jan 28, 2006 on Lame, Lamer, Lamest: A Pop Quiz at Acephalous
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Perhaps it means below the elbow on the arm. So, while good penmanship might come from the musclememory in your wrists, there's more to good writing than adeptly formed Hs. Man has capitalized women's curiosity as scientific research: tropes of love poetry? I dunno.
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Blech. That's surprisingly uncivil.
Toggle Commented Dec 6, 2005 on A Question About "My Morning" at Acephalous
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