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Innovative new Apps make government health data more accessible to health professionals so they can help people before, during and after a doctor visit. America is experiencing a unique moment where multiple trends are converging that finally make rapid innovation possible in health and wellness. Over the past 50 years, innovation in health required an extended period of time and an incredible amount of capital - as well as access to top researchers and scientists. Today, however, recent advances in mobile software development combined with access to vast amounts of freely available public health data have converged to provide entrepreneurs and companies like OrganizedWisdom with unprecedented access to powerful ingredients needed to foster large scale innovation in health and wellness. This year, the White House through the HHS's Health Data Initiative released a treasure trove of previously locked away national health and wellness data, thus opening up the floodgates for new possibilities in our mission to close the "Health Gap" and making it easier for health professionals to leverage new technologies to improve the standard of care. In May, in preparation for today’s Health Data Initaitve Forum in Washington DC, OrganizedWisdom sponsored an internal company hackathon to challenge our team to come up with new and innovative uses for data now available at Using newly-released health data, the team created two apps that integrate with and enhance the company’s Mobile Toolbox for doctors and Expert Health Alerts for patients. The first app, How Healthy Is Your Community?, is a tool that integrates directly with a doctor's mobile toolbox and lets their patients easily search to find the health risks in their area allowing doctors to educate their patients about location-specific health risks. The app presents a clickable Google map by county and provides charts and graphs showing the distribution of health risk factors. Want to know the leading cause of death in Westchester County or how many incidents of lung cancer occurred in Houston, TX, How Healthy Is Your Community? makes it easy to search this data. The second app integrates MedlinePlus’s database of health topics to allow people to receive important health information on more than 800 important health conditions. We’ve integrated this information into our Expert Health Alerts to provide people with a digest of health information when they sign up for a health alert on these important topics. It is truly amazing to see what other start-ups are also doing with the data now available at This is very much just the beginning! Continue reading
Posted Jun 9, 2011 at OrganizedWisdom Health Blog
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May 24, 2011