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Lolly - You have a huge readership. Why not go to Quarterly Blog Blasts and give away whatever you have stashed? Many items, many winners, one contest and it's over (for several months, at least). Love the bib necklace. I did those rolled muslin flowers 15 years ago -- back when Aleen's Creative Living was still on the air. They had you dip the fabric strip into one of their glue/goo products before twisting and rolling. I learned (the hard way) that you cannot just microwave glues willy-nilly. They burn and stink way beyond burnt popcorn. The nice thing about the whole pre-glue thiing is that they set up like plaster, and you can paint them to your hearts content. Loves ya!
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ER's are insane, even when they aren't full-tilt-bozo. We learned two things from our experiences: 1) they only take you seriously (and immediately) if you take the $1000.00 ambulance ride, and 2) National Health Care had better provide chocolate (in any form, but cupcakes would be nice) for the family members who have to support and witness a loved one in search of care. I hope everything returns to normal post haste.
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So --- A Star Fleet Academy Grad enters a bar and is transfixed by the Red Head sitting alone with her cocktail. Capt. Kirk opens with "Would you like a little Captain in you?" (I don't think he meant "Morgan's") I consider this and wonder how would the Captain like a little Mighty Girl -- In HIM.
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Does anyone really ever call a Tiki Bar a bad place to hang out? Especially one that was a tiny stage for the kids to perform on? Really? If I had a basement that needed a theme (and the craft room was a room all by itself), it would be Tiki all the way. Paper umbrellas. Lights on strings. Grass skirted bistro tables and chairs. Didn't they handled this on Trading Spaces years ago? It never goes out of style and is fun-fun-fun for everyone.
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Thank God, another "real" parent that isn't unschooling their kid before they hit school age! I feel for ya, sister. Let's have some more cookies! I'm off to visit your regular stomping grounds (blog).
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Jodie - You are one of the few people I've ever "met" that gets that a marriage is about the life after the wedding. You and Chris are perfectly suited to eachother, warts and all. Can I just say, it's OK to say "no" once in a while? Not wanting to add guilt our anything, but how much better could you do the (ton of) things you already do with a few more hours of sleep? I'm just a mother hen when people don't get enough sleep. It messes with your hormones, too. OK, somebody kick this soapbox out from under me!
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OK, I'm just going to say it -- your kids could model for the Campbell's Soup labels. They're soooooo cute! Hang in there. As my mom reminds me, the only thing constant is change.
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