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congratulations on nine years!!
I cannot stand when the results include other books by the same author. I think that anyone looking for readers advisory has done some basics first, such as, oh -- looking for other books by the same author. Is there a handful of times when it MAY be helpful, for someone like Nora Roberts, when you want to stay away from the paranormal, say? Perhaps, but that is outside the typical situation.
Love this! Love where we overlap in reactions (FORESHADOWING) or when we don't (at this point I kinda like Archie.)
The Gift of Sarah Baker, by Jane Yolen, is about the Shakers, but (and it's been a few years since I read it) it seemed almost cult-like.
This is ooooold but as a teen I read The Mountain Of Truth by Dale Carlson which is basically about a bunch of teens forming a cult during summer camp in Tibet. I haven't reread it in years but it was one of those hippy 70s types of books.
oh, I'd also count MADAPPLE
ARMAGEDDON SUMMER by Jane Yolen & Bruce Coville. Two teens whose families are part of an end of world cult. Part of the plot of Libba Bray's THE DIVINERS featured a cult. THE BOOK OF FRED by Abby Bardi is about a girl who has been raised in a cult and is now living in foster care and has a bit of adjusting to do. THE CHOSEN ONE by Carol Lynch Williams is about a cult (it appears to be based on fundamentalist LDS, but that is never mentioned) THE PATRON SAINT OF BUTTERFLIES; girls are in a commune that is sort of cult like/guarded
I loved this one so much! and part of the reason was Amelia's parents, and the way she saw them, and how that changed, a bit, as time went by. In addition to Buzo capturing that feeling of love/infatuation, she also catches that way that teens judge their parents.
I'm one of those who struggled with the dialect; that's always been a problem for me, as a reader. As for the [spoilers]: I ended up being quite fascinated by John Bloyvan and wanted to know more about him, but, alas, given Willo's limited knowledge don't get that. It seems that some of the puzzle pieces don't quite fit together in a satisfactory way, but I don't want to get to spoilery. Willo's decision makes sense to me, because I think Bloyvan's followers mistook metaphor for literal, except, how long can Willo live the way he wants to? And what are your thoughts on the prequel?
and does anyone, ever, like Rivers St John/ St John Rivers?
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regarding Bibi: here's the thing. no matter how nice the place, some "we're so funny" DJs are going to prank call or otherwise attempt to humiliate; some "but I'm a reporter" is going to get a job as an orderly and take photos of her at her worst.
Toggle Commented Dec 8, 2012 on Jane -- April Lindner at bookshelves of doom
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