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Stay-at-home Mom. Freelance writer, strategist, humanist. Triathlete, fly-fisher, yoga student. Dog-owner, wine drinker, old country music lover.
Interests: Teletubbies. Tractors. Fire engines. 24. Light fixtures from Leisl. Perfecting my recipe for green chile. Making money blogging.
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Mar 15, 2010
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Oct 10, 2009
If you're anything like me, the trip will give you some insight into your husband's business trips (it's not that much fun to eat alone, even when you're at a great restaurant) and will also give him some insight into your days (wow, this is a lot of work!) My 36 hour trip to LA seemed to last forever. Yes, I got that mani/pedi, but boy, was I ready to come home...
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