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This is a very good summary of Core Shamanism from the man who started it, Michael Harner, Ph.D., and should steer anyone interested in shamanism into the right direction. Continue reading
A good time to slow down, look inside, and get right to the point of all spiritual work, that is experiencing your heart and through your heart connect to the outer world. I can’t stress enough how simple and powerful this really is. Continue reading
Yesterday and today's waxing moon in Scorpio brings excellent energy for going deep, deep into your heart, for shamanic journeying and for soul retrieval. Continue reading
With Jupiter at it's happiest in the extremely fertile sign of Cancer, and the waxing (growing) Moon also in Cancer, anything planted now has the full blessings of the heavens for growth! Continue reading
I want to give you some information about the Grand Cross astrological alignment of April 2014, the Blood Moon eclipse, and some info on how to best navigate it. Continue reading
The upcoming full moon will be in Cancer at 11:52 PM EST, 8:52 PM PST, on Wednesday, January 15th 2014. Also widely known as the Wolf Moon . . . Where does this lunation effect you in your own chart? You can schedule a 30 phone minute consultation to find out more. Continue reading
Looking forward to the updates, thank you so much!
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Do you have a burning question, or two? Then this approximately 30 minute consultation is just for you! Continue reading
Have you sent your thanks and gratitude to the Sun today? Today is the shortest day of the year in the northern hemisphere, but at 12:11 p.m. EST we began our journey through space back to having more of the Sun and it's life giving properties. Continue reading
Just in time for the holidays and the new year, I have a really good and insightful, inexpensive written astrology report available through my web site at: Continue reading
It has been standard practice of shamans throughout the centuries and throughout the globe to do ceremonies to feed Mother Earth. Ceremonies and rituals to help balance the Earth and to put energy back . . . Continue reading
I want to introduce all of you to a new service I offer called Astrology according to Nostradamus. Sessions are Natal/Full Life readings which I record and send to you . . . Continue reading
Lilou Mace recently interviewed two amazing people; Inelia Benz, a walk-in type of being (what beautiful energy she has!), and Dr. Eben Alexander, the neurosurgeon who wrote a New York Times best selling book about his near death experience, their interviews are below. All that these two lightworkers are talking about, I can verify for myself because I have experienced for myself either through shamanic journeying, or just trusting and asking Angels to help me on this side of reality. Continue reading
It's time to revisit your subconscious emotions! With mercury now retrograde in the watery, dreamy, emotional and creative sign of Pisces, it's a good time to have a look into your subconscious mind and get . . . Continue reading
There are so many prophecies surrounding this date, and so much is going on in our world at a mind-boggling pace. The world is entering new energies, but perhaps . . . Continue reading
I told you this was a big one! Look up tonight, maybe you'll see something spectacularly beautiful. This posted on today: Continue reading
The current solar x-flare is bringing needed energy of change to us and all beings on our planet. Continue reading
Here's Doreen Virtue's new meditation involving the blue light of truth from the star system Sirius. Continue reading
Please take one-half hour to listen to Native American Chief Sonne Reyna of the Lipan-Apache Yaqui Carizzo Nations interview on Talk Radio Europe. Continue reading
Hello, and Happy Year of the Water Dragon! This is a powerful year for transformation as symbolized by the Water Dragon, a higher octave of the Snake Continue reading
Here is a pertinent message from Doreen and Archangel Michael . . . Continue reading
I found this, from T. Lobsang Rampa's book "Wisdom of the Ancients": "IMAGINATION : Imagination is the picturing of one's desires or one’s fears, and imagination is the greatest force of all, Continue reading
Happy Solstice to All! The Luna moths have made their debut appearance, in all their beauty, they landed on each one of us. Scroll down for pictures, aren't they glorious! Continue reading
It had been raining and I was feeling the happy presence of dolphins and whales for several days. When the strong thunderstorms and strong rain came, the presence of the dolphins and whales felt much stronger, so I took a shamanic journey to further explore the inner messages I was getting. Continue reading
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Mar 15, 2010