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Liz Pullen
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I took this one for Twitter! I'm very picky about what quotes I use but this one seemed very unusual. Byrne always has an off-kilter way of looking at the world.
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Good luck with your very ambitious goals! One issue I see is that some are very specific (write a novel) while others are very open to interpretation (be successful) and others are lifetime goals (travel the world). You might try being more specific. What would you see as movements toward "success"? If you specify what you are working towards (a different job, more money, having more free time for friends & family), it's more likely that you'll recognize having achieved the goal. Also, how about traveling to 4 places you've never been to before, outside your state or outside the U.S.? That's still an ambitious but doable goal (depending on the places you pick!).
Toggle Commented Jan 12, 2012 on Goals For 2012 at Roger's Journey
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Jan 12, 2012