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Liz Shanks
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I enjoy reading your blog. I've been wanting to start a blog for years. but just don't know what to write about. I love writing poems, but I got a website for that. I am thinking about writing a blog about being a single mom. but I am sure someone else in the world has done that. So I am still thinking of other ideas. I like what you said "write everyday" I try to keep a short list "journal daily of what is going on mine and my sons life daily. I write down poem ideas I get.
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I think this is a bad idea. I signed up with Netflix beecause of the easy "One Website" to order movies and rating them. Now they want me to go to another website just to rent movies and rent them. Does this mean that the rates may be different cause of the other company? I don't really watch the Unlimited movies online so I may be discontinueing my account if this "New Idea" of theirs is not easy has it has been for years that I've been a member. Netflix please stay on one site not combine with a another site!
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Sep 19, 2011